Custom Mount Color Changer - Spice Up Your Mounts with Unique Colors!

Custom Mount Color Changer - Spice Up Your Mounts with Unique Colors! 1.0

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Hello, Everyone,

Are you ready to personalize the colors of your mounts in the game? The "Custom Mount Color Changer" allows you to customize the colors of your mounts in the Ultima Online world, making them more unique and special.

How It Works:

  1. Create or find special "Mount Color Change Items" in the game.
  2. While mounted, double-click the "Mount Color Change Item" to initiate the color-changing process.
  3. Keep "Color Power Items" in your inventory. These items are required to change the mount colors.
  4. Once the process starts, your mount's color will transform into randomly selected colors.
  5. Continue customizing mount colors by using up "Color Power Items."

    System Introduction Video Link: hayvan renk değişim ve güç kaynağı
What You Can Change:

  • Customize the colors of mounts by selecting from random color options.
  • Control the color-changing process using special "Color Power Items" and achieve the colors you desire.
  • Change the mount's color as many times as you like, creating a unique look.
Don't miss the opportunity to add a splash of color to your mounts and personalize your in-game style. Enhance your gaming experience with the "Custom Mount Color Changer"!

Note: This plugin requires "Color Power Items," which can be found or created in the game.

Enjoy the fun of coloring your mounts! If you have any questions or would like to provide feedback, please reply to this thread.
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