Ultima Online Twitch Pack Script Full Source Code

Ultima Online Twitch Pack Script Full Source Code 1

No permission to buy ($10.00)
Tested with ServUO 57.1
Script Name: Ultima Online Twitch Pack Script Full Source Code
Script Author: yigitbaba
Script Version: 1.0
Script Price: 50 $
Purchase Description: If you do not live in Turkey and you are going to buy the product, you can leave the "TC Number/Tax Number" blank here on the balance loading page.
Script Description: This is a package that provides various functional tools for opening, closing, and streaming on Twitch for your Ultima Online server.

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[Turkish Video About the Script]

How can I purchase the script pack?

You can make your payment by clicking here. When you make the payment, please contact me through private messaging. I will send you the download link via private message after the payment is made.


(I was going to purchase the script, but I received an error. How can I solve this?)

-> "To be able to access our website at ixbir.net and make payments, you need to inform me of the country you are residing in. Due to the DDOS protections on our website, countries outside of Turkey are automatically blocked. Therefore, if you tell me the country you are in, I will remove the block on that country and you will be able to make your payment."
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