1. Karlysun

    Can we get the list of players on a shard?

    Hello all, I am currently trying to help some server admins setting up their website. They want me to set up the status of the server (status, online players, etc) and I really know nothing about that. I have been searching for many days right now, but I feel like I am not finding what I need...
  2. Natfoth

    Dynamic Loot 1.0

    Automatically generates loot for all creatures in the game based on their calculated level. I attempted to get it as close as I could to the same level of levels generated through the manual system. The system works with Champions still as well. The system provides for a more randomized...
  3. demented

    Scripting New Houses

    how,do i add new classic houses once i insert a .uoa binary file Deeds.cs // modal after Castles public class NewCastleDeed : HouseDeed//new { [Constructable] public NewCastleDeed() : base(0x48, new Point3D(0, 16, 0)) { } public...