If this is in wrong forum, sorry. But there is no forum for Linux or Mono Scripts.
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I made a script a while ago that will, upon the server crashing, will restart it automatically without any human intervention. For all you people who are first starting out on your own projects, and if you are using Linux, this will be a major asset.
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Here is how it goes...
I was tired of my server crashing due to little errors that needed to be corrected in the various scripts that we were trying to use. They would compile fine, but there was nothing major of a fix that needed done, just little things that needed fixing to prevent this. At the time my Co-Owner was getting tired of waiting for me to get home from work and restart the server, or waiting a while so I would have a chance to do it on my phone. After some research on Google, I was able to make a script that would, upon execution, would start the server, and upon a crash for any reason, would terminate any running program of ServUO and restart the server without any human intervention; of course this all depended on the Save files not being corrupted during a previous save for any reason. We have tested it many times and IT WORKS!


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