1. G

    Virtual Player Vendor (PlayerVendor Bot) 1.1

    Virtual Player Vendor (PlayerVendor Bot) A low-population/solo shard player vendor system by Gadget2013. Version: 1.1 Out-of-the-box (drag and drop) compatible with: RunUO 2.2, RunUO 2.4.1, RunUO 2.6, RunUO 2.7 (build 28382), ServUO Publish 54, ServUO Publish 55.1, ServUO Publish 56.1...
  2. Lucifer

    Pet Experience Scroll 1.0

    Description: The package contains 6 scrolls to raise the pet experience. Installation instructions: 1) Put all package files in your scripts core folder. 2) Run ServUO.exe 3) Enjoy! Author: Lucifer
  3. F

    Restart ServUO Crash - Linux

    Hi there, This happen to me, when i try to restart (Not shutdown) the ServUO. ¿Im the only with this problem? Regards! Server Crash Report =================== ServUO Version 0.5, Build 7037.28550 Operating System: Unix .NET Framework: 4.0.30319.42000 Time: 4/8/2019 8:54:46 PM...
  4. F

    Crash ServUO - Debian

    Hi there, I don't know how, but after a few ServUO Updates & mono i can't play now. I did a fresh install of Debian and ServUO and the problem persist. Whatever i make ([admin, skills,etc), the server go down. Thanks Regards! Server Crash Report =================== ServUO Version 0.5, Build...
  5. F

    Not A Bug tsuki wolf - Necro / Spirit

    Hi there, I was training my tsuki wolf, and i can't find the way to make the pet use necromancy and spirit speak. I search some information about it, but only i find this, and doesn't show up. Thanks Regards!