1. World of Ultima

    World of Ultima | The New Official Free-shard [Looking for GM's and Live Beta Players] UOGamers/Defiance UOR style server.

    Our Mission with World of Ultima Welcome to World of Ultima, the free Ultima Online server that will transport you back to the golden era of MMO gaming. If you're feeling nostalgic for the days when MMOs were the ultimate form of escapism, then World of Ultima is the perfect place for you. Our...
  2. How to use domain name instead of IP:Port on Razor

    Hey there! I'm new to this stuff and need some help. I set up my ServUO, forwarded port 2593, and can successfully connect to my server from anywhere in the world (amazing!). I'm using Razor to log in as a client. On Razor, you need to provide the IP address and Port #, which is working for...
  3. Voxpire

    Misc Upgrading to .NET 4.8 for old projects

    This tutorial is a short and sweet step-by-step guide on updating the target framework for older projects such as RunUO 2.2 and earlier, or ServUO P56 and earlier. This assumes that your project is set up with the necessary SLN and CSPROJ files needed to compile using MSBuild / CSC. Using...
  4. yigitbaba

    Ultima Online Twitch Pack Script Full Source Code 1

    Script Name: Ultima Online Twitch Pack Script Full Source Code Script Author: yigitbaba Script Version: 1.0 Script Price: 50 $ Purchase Description: If you do not live in Turkey and you are going to buy the product, you can leave the "TC Number/Tax Number" blank here on the balance loading page...
  5. Voxpire

    ServUO 57.3

    Download ServUO via an official release hosted by GitHub.
  6. FiftyTifty

    New to UO shard modding, questions about spawns & mechanics

    Hey nerds, ancient account that I never did anything with. But I'm fancying having a go at modding UO, and a lot of the tutorial links have rotted. So I've got a bunch of questions. I'll keep to the basics for this thread though. 1. How do I create Trammel's spawns, and select what is spawned...
  7. Understanding Bodyconv.def

    First, Redmoon deserves most, or all, of the credit for what is in this post as I got my start from his tutorial on animation. I am putting this here for other new people who still have trouble like I did... Just for kicks, I've been using the 5.0 client to learn map making and how to make...
  8. MrRiots

    MrRiots - Season of the Witch package 2022-03-24

    Hello everyone ! Before the shutdown of UO: Arcane i had already began working on a small spring update, Season of the Witch. This package includes, mobiles, artifacts, decoration items and new vendors. The effects for each creature is made without the usage of VitaNex, even tho I highly...
  9. Ixtabay

    Tutorial: Free AWS EC2 Shard on Debian

    Hi Everyone, It's been awhile since I posted, but a rainy day found me and I figured it was a good time to share some ServUO knowledge. AWS is a great place to host your ServUO Shard. Not only are the network and hardware performance fantastic, but you can actually run ServUO on their free...
  10. How To Install "Completely Customizable Vendor" Script

    Hey Guys. I'm trying to add this script to my Shard but I'm having issues and errors galore. is there anyway someone can break down how to install this script? or if anybody knows of an easier alternative as I'm trying to add some custom imbue items onto my vendor so that players can purchase...
  11. Looking To Install Master Loot bag Help?

    I'm trying to install the Lootbag script for ease of loot. can somebody direct me how to install the script on servuo as i'm a little bit confused.
  12. The changes in server scripts Are not applying

    How it could be I change scripts then run Servuo exe and the changes have not effect I even wrote something like "zxczxc" it still run Server normally without exception Whats the deal? I checked The scripts Im changing In the same folder with .exe
  13. Setting expansion for "new" stats gump

    Hello everyone. I've downloaded the latest ServUo from github, compiled it with almost vanilla config (just changed the player caps) and patched UO to current client. I'm using UOS to do the login. However when i login it says ExpansionSA. And when logged it doesn't show the new stats on the...
  14. Virtual Player Vendor (PlayerVendor Bot) 1.1

    Virtual Player Vendor (PlayerVendor Bot) A low-population/solo shard player vendor system by Gadget2013. Version: 1.1 Out-of-the-box (drag and drop) compatible with: RunUO 2.2, RunUO 2.4.1, RunUO 2.6, RunUO 2.7 (build 28382), ServUO Publish 54, ServUO Publish 55.1, ServUO Publish 56.1...
  15. Kirito

    Pet Experience Scroll 1.0

    Description: The package contains 6 scrolls to raise the pet experience. Installation instructions: 1) Put all package files in your scripts core folder. 2) Run ServUO.exe 3) Enjoy! Author: Lucifer
  16. fdesu

    Restart ServUO Crash - Linux

    Hi there, This happen to me, when i try to restart (Not shutdown) the ServUO. ¿Im the only with this problem? Regards! Server Crash Report =================== ServUO Version 0.5, Build 7037.28550 Operating System: Unix .NET Framework: 4.0.30319.42000 Time: 4/8/2019 8:54:46 PM...
  17. fdesu

    Crash ServUO - Debian

    Hi there, I don't know how, but after a few ServUO Updates & mono i can't play now. I did a fresh install of Debian and ServUO and the problem persist. Whatever i make ([admin, skills,etc), the server go down. Thanks Regards! Server Crash Report =================== ServUO Version 0.5, Build...