ultima online

  1. derekwsparks

    Paperdoll Border Graphic

    I am trying to replace the paperdoll border graphics to the ones attached below. They are the same ones the shard Grimmwold used before they shut down. I have UOFiddler, MULPatcher but am getting a little confused on the entire process of replacing the gumps and making the changes actually...
  2. yigitbaba

    Ultima Online Twitch Pack Script Full Source Code 1

    Script Name: Ultima Online Twitch Pack Script Full Source Code Script Author: yigitbaba Script Version: 1.0 Script Price: 50 $ Purchase Description: If you do not live in Turkey and you are going to buy the product, you can leave the "TC Number/Tax Number" blank here on the balance loading page...
  3. OceaniaClassic

    Oceania Classic First Anniversary Publish & Gift Boxes

    Hello, hope you're all going well :) Quick reminder to collect your First Anniversary Gift Boxes on Oceania Classic on all your characters and accounts before 14/12/21. Grab all those special prezzies while you can! :D Play now at: OceaniaClassic.com More info on the huge First Anniversary...
  4. Legend of UO - Roleplay and Powerplay shard

    Forget everything you know! Free from bodist systems, no mount pvpsi. We are trying to present a fair server consisting of only 2 people in the management staff. Unlike other servers, we do not have a pay to win system. Only animal taming is practiced in the working area, other than that, as in...
  5. How To Install "Completely Customizable Vendor" Script

    Hey Guys. I'm trying to add this script to my Shard but I'm having issues and errors galore. is there anyway someone can break down how to install this script? or if anybody knows of an easier alternative as I'm trying to add some custom imbue items onto my vendor so that players can purchase...
  6. otimpyre

    Art Creating Custom Paintings

    A lot of information I refer to is shown in my other tutorial videos. Like repairing holes, screenshot method ect...
  7. otimpyre

    Holes 2017-01-15

    Each hole is 4 pieces and is to be used like solen hive teleporters Included in download is Snow (Shown above) Sand Forest Jungle Cave