Forget everything you know!

Free from bodist systems, no mount pvpsi. We are trying to present a fair server consisting of only 2 people in the management staff. Unlike other servers, we do not have a pay to win system. Only animal taming is practiced in the working area, other than that, as in the original Ultima Online, players need to hone their skills on their own. We are waiting for you among the legends.

Discord: Join the Legend of UO Discord Server!

Game Features:

All players receive items from creatures depending on their luck (luck) and the strength of the creature. If they slay powerful creatures with a high chance, they will get much better items.

There are 7 champions on our server, including 6 champions and 1 big champion activated with their heads.

There is a playable artifact system on our server.

AOS Feature Limits

Feature Limit
Faster Casting 2 (Chivalry = 4)
Cast Recovery (Waiting between spells) 6
Spell Damage Increase 15% (max)
Lower Mana Cost (Low mana reading spells) 40%
Damage Increase 100%
Hit Chance Increase 45%
Defense Chance Increase 45%
Swing Speed 1.25 seconds
Reflect Physical Damage 100%
Enhance Potions 50% (adds to +30% for 100 Alchemy)
Self Bandage Pressing Speed 2 seconds (minimum)
Bandage Press Speed to Another Player 3 seconds (fixed)
Bandage Pressing Speed to Your Animal 2 seconds (fixed)
Bandage Pressing Distance to Your Animal 2 square

General features

Property Value
Game screen (client) that can be opened per IP address Unlimited
3 days for animals to be bonded
Kill drop time 12 hours
Insurance fee for an item is 1200 gold (2x the original)
Guild formation fee 500,000 gold
Family start-up fee 500,000 gold
City vendors prices Original + City Administration Tax
Items players can sell to vendors Nothing can be sold
Can a house be built near the Britain bridge? No, it will be reserved for action guilds later
House prices 3 times the original
Mounts that can be mounted by lowering abilities No mounts can be mounted
The amount of money falling on the corpses gives the original
Tailoring/Blacksmith cash prizes No prize money
Market System Active

Ability and Stat Limits

Feature Limit
Stat Total 225 (250 with Stat PS)
Ability (Skill) Total 700
The maximum value of each skill is 120

Guild System
Arena System
Artifact System
Market System
Cursing System
Luck System
Family System
Wall System

There is a special mount on the server.

When using a command, add [ or . you should bring

You can use the following commands on our server:

Machine Features:
Intel(R) CPU X5670 @ 2.93GHz
Ram 4GB

Port: 2593
Website: Legend of UO
Emulator: RunUO