Cut Down Trees, Stumps and Saplings

Cut Down Trees, Stumps and Saplings 0.3a

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UOFiddler, UO client version below

This is my attempt to create Art for Cut down trees, their stumps and even their saplings.
This project is a work in progress so i will be updating the resource over time.

Special Thanks: otimpyre

Install Instructions
Follow the README.TXT
If i made any mistakes please let me know immediately.
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Oak1 {All}
Oak2 {All}
Pine1 {All} "Cedar tree"
Pine2 {All} "Cedar tree"
Tree1 {All}
Tree2 {All}
Tree3 {All}
Walnut1 {All}
Walnut2 {All}
Willow {All}
o'hii {All}
Cypress1 {All}
Cypress2 {All}
Cypress3 {All}
Cypress4 {All}
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Tree4 {All}
Tree5 {All}
Tree6 {All}
Apple1 {All}
Apple2 {All}
Peach1 {All}
Peach2 {All}
Pear1 {All}
Pear2 {all}
Cherry1 {All}
Cherry2 {All}
Maple1 {All}
Maple2 {All}
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o'hii = 0x0C9E (3230)
Tree4 = 0x0CCA (3274)
Tree5 = 0x0CCB (3275)
Tree6 = 0x0CCC (3276)
Tree1 = 0x0CCD (3277)
Tree2 = 0x0CD0 (3280)
Tree3 = 0x0CD3 (3283)
Pine1 = 0x0CD6 (3286)
Pine2 = 0x0CD8 (3288)
Oak1 = 0x0CDA (3290)
Oak2 = 0x0CDD (3293)
Walnut1 = 0x0CE0 (3296)
Walnut2 = 0x0CE3 (3299)
Cypress1= 0x0CF8 (3320)
Cypress2= 0x0CFB (3323)
Cypress3= 0x0CFE (3326)
Cypress4= 0x0D01 (3329)
Apple1 = 0x0D94 (3476)
Apple2 = 0x0D98 (3480)
Peach1 = 0x0D9C (3484)
Peach2 = 0x0DA0 (3488)
Pear1 = 0x0DA4 (3492)
Pear2 = 0x0DA8 (3492)
Cherry1 = 0x2476 (9334)
Cherry2 = 0x2477 (9335)
Maple1 = 0x247D (9341)
Maple2 = 0x247C (9342)
Plum1 = 0x26ED (9965)
Plum2 = 0x26EE (9966)
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small banana tree
banana tree
spider tree
jungle tree
yew tree
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0x0C9E (3230) o'hii tree
0x0CA8 (3240) small banana tree
0x0CAA (3242) banana tree
0x0CAB (3243) banana tree (stump?)
0x0CC9 (3273) spider tree
0x0CCA (3274) tree
0x0CCB (3275) tree
0x0CCC (3276) tree
0x0CCD (3277) tree
0x0CD0 (3280) tree
0x0CD3 (3283) tree
0x0CD6 (3286) Cedar tree
0x0CD8 (3288) Cedar tree
0x0CDA (3290) oak tree
0x0CDD (3293) oak tree
0x0CE0 (3296) walnut tree
0x0CE3 (3299) walnut tree
0x0CE6 (3302) willow tree
0x0CF3 (3315) fallen log
0x0CF4 (3316) fallen log
0x0CF5 (3317) fallen log
0x0CF6 (3318) fallen log
0x0CF7 (3319) fallen log
0x0CF8 (3320) cypress tree
0x0CFB (3323) cypress tree
0x0CFE (3326) cypress tree
0x0D01 (3329) cypress tree
0x0D37 (3383) yucca
0x0D38 (3384) yucca
0x0D41 (3393) tree (tall)
0x0D42 (3394) tree (tall)
0x0D43 (3395) tree (tall)
0x0D44 (3396) tree (tall)
0x0D57 (3415) tree (tall)
0x0D58 (3416) tree (tall)
0x0D59 (3417) tree (tall)
0x0D5A (3418) tree (tall)
0x0D5B (3419) tree (tall)
0x0D6E (3438) tree (tall)
0x0D6F (3439) tree (tall)
0x0D70 (3440) tree (tall)
0x0D71 (3441) tree (tall)
0x0D72 (3442) tree (tall)
0x0D84 (3460) tree (tall)
0x0D85 (3461) tree (tall)
0x0D86 (3462) tree (tall)
0x0D94 (3476) apple tree
0x0D98 (3480) apple tree
0x0D9C (3484) peach tree
0x0DA0 (3488) peach tree
0x0Da4 (3492) pear tree
0x0DA8 (3496) pear tree
0x0DAC (3500) tree stump (palm)
0x0DAD (3501) tree stump (palm)
0x12B5 (4789) Yew tree
0x12B6 (4790) Yew tree
0x12B7 (4791) Yew tree
0x12B8 (4792) Yew tree
0x12B9 (4793) Yew tree
0x12BA (4794) Yew tree
0x12BB (4795) Yew tree
0x12BC (4796) Yew tree
0x12BD (4797) Yew tree
0x224A (8778) willow tree (hued?)
0x224B (8779) willow tree (hued?)
0x224C (8780) oak tree
0x224D (8781) oak tree (hued?)
0x2476 (9334) cherry tree
0x247D (9341) maple tree
0x247E (9342) maple tree
0x26ED (9965) plum tree
0x26EE (9966) plum tree
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  1. Typo Fix

    Don't get excited I only fixed the willow filenames and TreeArtImport removing the 1 from them...
  2. Text fixes

    Fixed text in both TreeArtImport.xml & PHTreeArtImport.xml so that it matches the willow folder...
  3. 0.3

    Added O'hii Added Cypress1 Added Cypress2 Added Cypress3 Added Cypress4 Updated...

Latest Reviews

Thanks for this sir
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If this could only work for EC this resource mod would be a must.
This resource is just art, there is no code. I'm not sure what you are referring to when you say "if this could only work for EC" because it can work with the EC. If you can edit the art for the EC you can add the art from this resource to it. Granted the tree art used in this resource is from the classic client not the EC.
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These graphics really turned out well. Easy to follow instructions, and great looking graphics. Mass import CSV & XML files for Fiddler included. What more could you want?
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Superior form of lumber jacking made flesh via custom art. Very well done. And documented.
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