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Cut Down Trees, Stumps and Saplings - Art for Cut down trees their stumps and saplings.

This is my attempt to create Art for Cut down trees, their stumps and even their saplings.
This project is a work in progress so i will be updating the resource over time.

Currently I am just going to be doing the Whole cut down tree without slicing them into pieces. Oak1, Oak2, and Walnut1 do have slices at the moment.
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Edit: I'd like to say that I would have updated sooner but some real life things happened very quickly that were out of my control.

Added O'hii
Added Cypress1
Added Cypress2
Added Cypress3
Added Cypress4
Updated TreeArtImport.xml
Updated TreeArtItemData.csv
Partial Hueing for Stump and fallen trees splice 1
Added PHTreeArtImport.xml
Added PHTreeArtItemData.csv
Updated README.txt

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I should have a demo using these in the next day or so. It's just taking me a little time to finish things up and to add in all the graphics.
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Typo Fix

Don't get excited I only fixed the willow filenames and TreeArtImport removing the 1 from them.
Thanks to zaina for making me aware of this.

PS. I've lost most interest in this particular project. So unless someone is dieing for the fruit tree art to be done I'll probably lay this one to rest. It was meant to be used along with UOLive lumberjacking but that's since halted progress.

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thank you
In the XML and CSV files there are leaves also for Ohii tree saplings, but that tree saplings don't have separate art for saplings leaves.
Also the fallen tree lines are missing from the CSV file, and the arts order in the CSV file is different from the XML file (In the XML the order is: fallen tree, stump, saplings, splices. In the CSV the order is: splices, saplings, stump).