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DarkShard Maps and Gumps 2020-06-05

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Just leaving this here for people to find if they're looking for Darkshard files

POL and UO shard development related files

This repo will contain artwork for enhancing UO and various files, such as eScript programmes (scripts), utilities, and other POL specific files.

The first set of files contributed to this repo are the maps, graphic enhancements and custom GUIs for the UO client created by Carl Hamilton of the now defunct Darkshard website. He was very gracious in providing these files. He used to sell his maps for $10-$15 USD in the early days and later made them available on the Darkshard Dev CD or Flash drive along with other third party graphics, utilities and emulators. He sold the Flash drive for $40 USD. Thanks to his generosity, his maps and the other original work done by him are now released for free. I have received from him via email permission to release them.

Note: We, the POL Developers, cannot provide support for the use of these files. They are presented as is. We are not responsible for any corruption of game files or data by using the files.


and in case that link ever doesn't work I forked it here:

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