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Dave's Custom Ores 1.0

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Add to vanilla install (backup matching scripts) or use scripts to modify your own.
My start at Custom Ores....

From scratch, couldn't find any good examples.. all the old ones I can no longer find out there.
Most of you actives probably already have your own custom ores, but what the heck! :)

Added 7 more ores that can me mined, smelted, and used for Blacksmithy.
Sill need to modify some additional scripts (like Tinker and Bods).

Call this version .90 with more updates to come. Any and ALL comments welcome.

Thanks, Dave
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Latest Updates

  1. Dave's Custom Ore and Wood 1.0

    OK, larger update here....... MAKE SURE TO run the World build from the Admin to apply new odds...
  2. Dave's Custom Ores .95

    Updated Hues for new Ores...better colors I think. :) Added Tinkering and Masonry to the list...