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Dave's Custom Ores 1.0

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OK, larger update here.......

MAKE SURE TO run the World build from the Admin to apply new odds for finding new ores and logs !

First to recap...
NEW ORES (based upon real earth metals). All of these ores follow (and are rarer than Valorite)
7 new ores; Rhodium, Platinum, Ruthenium, Iridium, Osmium, Palladium, and Rhenium

NOW onto additions/changes....
* NEW Logs/Wood (These sit between Yew and Bloodwood).
4 new logs types; Cedar, Walnut, Maple and Petrified.
* Updated messaging when ANY of these new resources are mined or lumber jacked .
* Re-balanced skill needed, and rarity for ALL resources. (Hopefully better now)
* Added new woods to Carpentry and Bowcraft / Fletching.
* Adjusted stats for Weapons and Armor for ALL new resources.

As always comments / suggestions for improvement are ALWAYS welcome. :)

Thanks, Dave
Updated Hues for new Ores...better colors I think. :)

Added Tinkering and Masonry to the list.

Again any comments suggestions welcome, and more to come!
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