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Doom Points System 1.0

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My server has no use for this system anymore, however it was quite fun.


We do use a customized version of the Dark Father with two different phases.

This system calculates points from killing Doom Bosses.
The file "DoomPointsSettings" is where you would go to adjust the amount of points you get per kill.

I would stick to generally where we have them, as we did test them quite a bit.

You would also be able to say [Doom and it will give you a breakdown of how many points you have currently, how many points you've obtained total, and how many artifacts you've obtained from doom total.

To make sure everyone has a profile and they still obtain points from the first kill I would either create a profile same way we do in DemonKnight.cs, or create an event sink and attach it to character creation or on login.

Because if someone kills a monster, and they dont have the Xml Attachment, they won't receive credit for that kill, but a new Xml attachment will be created for that character so that he does receive points in the future.

Anyways, hope this is useful for someone.

Someone could also modify it so that it works exactly how the EA has it currently.

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