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  • Looking for a dedicated GM and Map Editor / World Builder. If interested in any of those roles, please shoot me a PM. Cheers!
    Ultima Shards: Multiverse - T2A is now in full development and an official Open Beta will be announced soon! Stay tuned!
    Vorspire suggested I pm you regarding a world builder/deco staff position. Is this the correct way of doing that? I've got some time to spend and am feeling the itch to bring some UO visions to reality. I would to speak to you regarding the server to see if there is a place for me there.
    Check out my double your coding speed tutorial in the tutorials section. I will continue to update it as I progress through the course.
    Posted about a great C# Tutorial series of videos from Udemy.com. It's under the Tutorials and Programming section. Check it out!
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