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Door Switch 1.0.0

Open / Close multiple doors all at once

  1. Bittiez
    What is this?
    This is a switch for doors. You can add as many doors as you want to the switch.

    How to use?
    Adding or removing doors:
    Double click the door switcher, select a door and it will add or remove that door.
    Switching door open/close state:
    Double click the door switcher and select itself to open or close doors.

    Please note, this doesn't set all doors as open/close, it switches what the door was at before. So if it was closed, it will open that door, if the next door in the list was open, it will close it.

    Installation and ServUO version
    To install simply put the .cs file into your /Scripts/Custom directory

    Tested with ServUO Publish 54