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Dusty Artifact Bag 2017-06-09

Random Artifact Deed placed in a named bag, easy drag and drop

  1. Nyght_Hex
    Random Magic Item Generator
    Hey everyone and thanks for checking this out. All the credit goes out to who made the Random Magic Item Generator, this was very fun to play with!

    I crated a bag called the Dusty Artifact Bag which is a simple drag and drop that pulls from a specific file from Random Magic Item Generator, called Random Artifact Deed. These aren't the normal artifacts that OSI standard has. They have random custom titles and properties every time along with good and bad (cursed) artifacts which are very fun to play with if you are looking for a lore/custom based server.

    Again, I know there are a few issues such as the Artifact # keeps changing when you move them. But it was very fun as my first script to create the bag for this and little steps always count!

    Again all I did was make the bag, someone else's script is really the core to all this and they are awesome!