1. TheArt

    Art Fleshy Dungeon Set 2021-05-16

    Included: The weird tentacle masses, 2 blob masses, a veiny looking mass, and a 'wall vein'. Also included: Floor textures and floor tiles (Yes you can make this a texture for your dungeons) And Fleshy walls. Except the floors and the purple veins, everything can be animated (and for the best...
  2. TheArt

    Art Teleporter (Alchemical Symbol) Replacemments 2021-05-07

    I got tired of the teleporters looking.... well, the same. They all looked so similar that I needed to replace them. I learned the hard way you can't add all 27, so.... I figured I'd share this in hopes others will use them.
  3. TheArt

    Art Marble Floor Sets 2021-05-03

  4. TheArt

    Art Wood Set 2021-05-03

  5. TheArt

    Art Crystal Set 2021-05-03

    Original Set from: WarWeed Put the floor in twice, one as normal tagged, the other tagged as translucent and/or transparent.
  6. TheArt

    Art Black Marble Set 2021-05-03

    A black Marble set.
  7. TheArt

    Art Tear Carpet 2021-04-30

  8. TheArt

    Art Dragon Carpets 2021-04-29

  9. TheArt

    Art Custom Stone Walls 2021-04-29

    Here's some custom stone walls.... My windows suck a little bit but eh, oh well. :) Hope you like these anyways. These are 100% custom, I made them, they are my artwork. Hope you enjoy!
  10. TheArt

    Art Clothing Art 2021-04-25

    These are some clothes I decided to make with their associated item. I hope you enjoy.
  11. RedRooster

    Art Rooster's Display Cases 1.0

    Hello Everyone, Been working really hard the last few days to get a nice display case made for you guys! I'll have 2 other versions coming out soon. Might also add more shelf options to this one as well. But for the time being this set includes 18 item's in total: 4 Shelves, 14 Glass...
  12. RedRooster

    Art Animated Snow 1

    As requested made an animated snow effect. Contains 8 Frames. Same process to enter frames as rain. Tho when doing the animdata you can vary the speed to make it a light snow/blizzard. Could also play around with dying to get extra effects such as volcanic ash. Hope you guys enjoy :)
  13. RedRooster

    Art Animated Rain 1

    This animation contains 8 frames. Tried to get a good animation of rain in game that can be used as an item for special areas. Really helps set the mood and make it feel very gloomy. Apart from normal rain you could have acid rain, blood rain, ice, etc.. Since this is one giant item it should...
  14. RedRooster

    Art Galaxy Flooring 1

    This is an animated floor pattern. To enter this you will need an understanding of not only how to add items into game via uofiddler but also how to add anim data relative to the frames. The pattern is 2x2. Each "static frame" has 4 floor tiles per animation frame. I would suggest adding the...
  15. RedRooster

    Art New Sword Gumps 1

    This set includes 4 New Sword Gump Graphics pictured below. Hope you guys enjoy! I'll be releasing more content involving weps/armor/offhand items soon! : )
  16. TheArt

    Art Sign Replacement 2021-01-13

    So the guild signs to me don't mean anything and are hard for players to understand sometimes so I figured I would just replacement. Feel free to use these signs however you want though, and even add the 'blank' signs I made in other slots
  17. ShtimusMaximus

    Custom Map Making with latest UO client? ???

    Sorry to be a bother but someone out there might be able to help me with this... All the tools I've been able to find either fail to work or are only able to produce an outcome for older client versions... I would very much appreciate help getting the latest maps customizable either in a dragon...
  18. Izex

    Paragon UO

    While this shard is currently being developed I am looking for people to help test out the content and systems that are available and give feedback. I am currently not accepting donations and even when I do you can earn Sovereigns (store currency) by completing achievements or getting a lucky...
  19. TheArt

    ACC Systems Updated 2020-09-18

    -Edit- If you're looking for something more current, please check out Ishya's version -edit done- This has been redone to work with the version of ServUO release back in January of 2020. The familiar's have been changed to the Ranger system to...
  20. TheArt

    Maps Blank Water Map 1.0

    So, I wanted to be able to draw a map from scratch on my own... Problem, you can't find a blank map anywhere!!!! ... This took a good chunk of of my day flattening the map to complete 0. No negatives, no positives. It is a water map that has the base number 0. Now, keep in mind, from what I...