1. RedRooster

    Art New Sword Gumps 1

    This set includes 4 New Sword Gump Graphics pictured below. Hope you guys enjoy! I'll be releasing more content involving weps/armor/offhand items soon! : )
  2. TheArt

    Art Sign Replacement 2021-01-13

    So the guild signs to me don't mean anything and are hard for players to understand sometimes so I figured I would just replacement. Feel free to use these signs however you want though, and even add the 'blank' signs I made in other slots
  3. ShtimusMaximus

    Custom Map Making with latest UO client? ???

    Sorry to be a bother but someone out there might be able to help me with this... All the tools I've been able to find either fail to work or are only able to produce an outcome for older client versions... I would very much appreciate help getting the latest maps customizable either in a dragon...
  4. Izex

    Paragon UO

    While this shard is currently being developed I am looking for people to help test out the content and systems that are available and give feedback. I am currently not accepting donations and even when I do you can earn Sovereigns (store currency) by completing achievements or getting a lucky...
  5. TheArt

    ACC Systems Updated 2020-09-18

    -Edit- If you're looking for something more current, please check out Ishya's version -edit done- This has been redone to work with the version of ServUO release back in January of 2020. The familiar's have been changed to the Ranger system to...
  6. TheArt

    Maps Blank Water Map 1.0

    So, I wanted to be able to draw a map from scratch on my own... Problem, you can't find a blank map anywhere!!!! ... This took a good chunk of of my day flattening the map to complete 0. No negatives, no positives. It is a water map that has the base number 0. Now, keep in mind, from what I...
  7. T

    World Boss Event In A Box - Drag And Drop 2019-01-21

    This is something I created for a month long event. Place the crystal on any mobs. When a player gets a crystal he can either save or double click it and summon the boss where he is at. The boss has a chance to drop a custom Mask and another crystal for a weaker tamable dragon that looks like...
  8. Natfoth

    Dynamic Loot 1.0

    Automatically generates loot for all creatures in the game based on their calculated level. I attempted to get it as close as I could to the same level of levels generated through the manual system. The system works with Champions still as well. The system provides for a more randomized...
  9. Zigholtul88

    Fluffy Snapper Spear Thruster (Joke Champion Mob) 2018-07-26

    Its basically your generic run of the mill killer bunny rabbit. Or it would be if I didn't decide to tackle on a bunch of various effects in order to try and make it stand out from the crowd, even if the coding is a bit on the simple side. For starters, it has a breath attack where both...
  10. Yaron89

    Nasty Purple Chicken 2018-07-23

    This should be just a plug and play for anyone that has runuo. It is based off of one of the critters within... and it's just dyed purple. Warning, this guy is mean... beyond mean. He's not your regular farm chicken!!
  11. jase giffin

    The Grove 2018-02-17

    The Grove Is a custom shard. With lots of stuff in it. Enjoy. System Includes many types of things. evo things and pet shrink things. custom things and standard things. This shard was established in September 2011. It has been adapted from runuo and orb uo all the way here to servuo. Things to...
  12. N

    Dusty Artifact Bag 2017-06-09

    Hey everyone and thanks for checking this out. All the credit goes out to who made the Random Magic Item Generator, this was very fun to play with! I crated a bag called the Dusty Artifact Bag which is a simple drag and drop that pulls from a specific file from Random Magic Item Generator...
  13. T

    Modified TileData.cs to extract AnimID/GumpID from ItemID 2017-05-15

    A modified TileData.cs which extracts also AnimID from TileData.mul. I've seen quite a few people asking for a way to find a paperdoll gump for an item - with this TileData.cs you can use the added function TileData.GumpFromID(int itemID, bool female = false) to get the GumpID of an item...
  14. otimpyre

    Floating Island 2016-01-23

    Inspired from game called "Hartacon Tactics." This was my first attempt. I may expand on the project and add more variations and eye candy. Images included in this set Example of them in use.