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Hello Everyone,
Been working really hard the last few days to get a nice display case made for you guys! I'll have 2 other versions coming out soon. Might also add more shelf options to this one as well. But for the time being this set includes 18 item's in total: 4 Shelves, 14 Glass Inserts. I designed these to be modular to expand the amount of options you have when using them to deco. As the shelves can be dyed independently from the inserts. The Book5 and Book6 Insert's are partial hue as well so gives you a ton of choices to make a grand library. : ) Hope Everyone enjoys and keep a look out for updates and or new content coming out soon <3
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Beautifully done, matches existing UO style seamlessly
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good JOB! thx you for sharing it.
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Awesome concept and execution!
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