1. RedRooster

    Art Rooster's Custom Clothing/Item Art

    Hello, I've been creating graphics for servuo for a few years now. I have many free resources and will keep those up for all to enjoy! This post will be used to update information on my personal vendor page. Please feel free to drop by and check out the products I have for sale! ( I...
  2. RedRooster

    Art Rooster's Display Cases 1.0

    Hello Everyone, Been working really hard the last few days to get a nice display case made for you guys! I'll have 2 other versions coming out soon. Might also add more shelf options to this one as well. But for the time being this set includes 18 item's in total: 4 Shelves, 14 Glass...
  3. RedRooster

    Art Animated Snow 1

    As requested made an animated snow effect. Contains 8 Frames. Same process to enter frames as rain. Tho when doing the animdata you can vary the speed to make it a light snow/blizzard. Could also play around with dying to get extra effects such as volcanic ash. Hope you guys enjoy :)
  4. RedRooster

    Art Animated Rain 1

    This animation contains 8 frames. Tried to get a good animation of rain in game that can be used as an item for special areas. Really helps set the mood and make it feel very gloomy. Apart from normal rain you could have acid rain, blood rain, ice, etc.. Since this is one giant item it should...
  5. RedRooster

    Art Galaxy Flooring 1

    This is an animated floor pattern. To enter this you will need an understanding of not only how to add items into game via uofiddler but also how to add anim data relative to the frames. The pattern is 2x2. Each "static frame" has 4 floor tiles per animation frame. I would suggest adding the...
  6. RedRooster

    Item creation / Art ideas

    I’d like to start out by thanking the servuo team for there continued work in creating a community we can all share ideas/creations with. I’ve enjoyed my time and learned so much from you guys the last few years! I’ll continue to make art and share it for the whole community to enjoy. However...
  7. RedRooster

    Art Mjollnir - Thor's Hammer 1

    Based off Thor's Hammer. I made this to be used with GMRasta's wep script: ( Mjollnir - Thor's Hammer ). Tho it can be used as standalone art if you so wish. Designed to be partial hue (2nd photo left image shows partial hue tag applied right is non partial hue) To add this you will need a gump...
  8. RedRooster

    Art Enchanted Rose 1

    Based off of Beauty and the Beast Rose. This Resource is animated. Tho you could put in a single frame and have it a static item if you so wish. The animation is comprised of 5 frames each in the intended order inside the zip file. Will be working on an alternate version that has the petals...
  9. RedRooster

    Art New Sword Gumps 1

    This set includes 4 New Sword Gump Graphics pictured below. Hope you guys enjoy! I'll be releasing more content involving weps/armor/offhand items soon! : )
  10. TheArt

    Art Sign Replacement 2021-01-13

    So the guild signs to me don't mean anything and are hard for players to understand sometimes so I figured I would just replacement. Feel free to use these signs however you want though, and even add the 'blank' signs I made in other slots
  11. ParanoiaPhD

    Art beach trees 2

    My first attempt to produce a tree. Let me know if you want other art made I offer my services for free. This may need some cleaning up on your end to meet your specifications but the bulk of the work has already been done.
  12. GoldDraco13

    Misc UO Black Box

    UO Black Box Shard Utility Tool You can also Download HERE to download the tool! This is the official release for UO Black Box, all future versions and information will be located here, the beta project has ended and I thank everyone that helped me work through the functions, I know there is...
  13. TheArt

    Art Simple TV and Microwave 2020-08-19

    Just a microwave and an old fashioned Television. I was bored.... wanted to make these just for the heck of it. If you wanna use them go ahead. Don't even need to give me credit.
  14. RedRooster

    Looking for work (Artist)

    Looking to do commissions/custom work: Can Make: Art/Items Animated Art/Items Floor Tiles/Walls Hue Files Tile Textures ( Map...
  15. RedRooster

    SG1 Style StarGate!! 2019-10-26

    Hello Everyone, : ) I've been a fan of the Stargate series for many many years now and wanted to help bring some of that nostalgia to UO. If you are familiar with adding item's/item animations into game via UOFiddler this is a very simple process. Download Includes: 3 StarGate Puddle...
  16. RedRooster


    Posted in the wrong forum! -Sorry
  17. golfin

    Misc VMulPatcher v0.2 alpha 0.2

    VMulPatcher v. 0.2 alpha Copyright © 2019 Mutagen alias Venushja VMulPatcher is designed for Ultima Online developers (GMs) and for gamers. It can insert images into Art, ArtLands, Gump and Textures. It can work with .mul and .uop file formats. This program uses the original UO library, which...
  18. Archaaz

    Partial Hue Chests Version 2.0

    I am not an artist, but have been playing around a bit with modifying existing graphics for my shard. Most of you probably already know this, but I discovered that the gray metal chest can be set to partial hue. I cleaned up a few pixels and included it here. I likewise took the wooden chest...
  19. OUTLANDSOwyn

    Marble Walls 2018-05-11

    I felt that the marble wall tileset was lacking, so I created some additional pieces. Add them to your art files using Fiddler. Set height to 20.
  20. Erad

    Art Era's Custom Clothing art May the 4th be with you

    Era's Custom Gump Art Info I am an inspired hobbyist graphic designer, I have always loved the art form of UO as a whole. On my free time, I am always up to make new content for UO. I am happy to show everyone on Servuo my artwork, Everything you see in this pack is free to use. Links Facebook...