1. GoldDraco13

    Misc UO Black Box

    UO Black Box Shard Utility Tool *Requires OneTime Installed* *Supports - RunUO 2.3 to ServUO Newest Repo* You can also visit HERE to download the tool! This is the official release for UO Black Box, all future versions and information will be located here, the beta project has ended and I...
  2. TheArt

    Art Simple TV and Microwave 2020-08-19

    Just a microwave and an old fashioned Television. I was bored.... wanted to make these just for the heck of it. If you wanna use them go ahead. Don't even need to give me credit.
  3. RedRooster

    Looking for work (Artist)

    Looking to do commissions/custom work: Can Make: Art/Items Animated Art/Items Floor Tiles/Walls Hue Files Tile Textures ( Map...
  4. RedRooster

    SG1 Style StarGate!! 2019-10-26

    Hello Everyone, : ) I've been a fan of the Stargate series for many many years now and wanted to help bring some of that nostalgia to UO. If you are familiar with adding item's/item animations into game via UOFiddler this is a very simple process. Download Includes: 3 StarGate Puddle...
  5. RedRooster


    Posted in the wrong forum! -Sorry
  6. golfin

    Misc VMulPatcher v0.2 alpha 0.2

    VMulPatcher v. 0.2 alpha Copyright © 2019 Mutagen alias Venushja VMulPatcher is designed for Ultima Online developers (GMs) and for gamers. It can insert images into Art, ArtLands, Gump and Textures. It can work with .mul and .uop file formats. This program uses the original UO library, which...
  7. Archaaz

    Partial Hue Chests Version 2.0

    I am not an artist, but have been playing around a bit with modifying existing graphics for my shard. Most of you probably already know this, but I discovered that the gray metal chest can be set to partial hue. I cleaned up a few pixels and included it here. I likewise took the wooden chest...

    Marble Walls 2018-05-11

    I felt that the marble wall tileset was lacking, so I created some additional pieces. Add them to your art files using Fiddler. Set height to 20.
  9. silver1995

    Art Era's Custom Clothing art Dark Magic

    Era's Custom Gump Art Info I am an inspired hobbyist graphic designer, I have always loved the art form of UO as a whole. On my free time, I am always up to make new content for UO. I am happy to show everyone on Servuo my artwork, Everything you see in this pack is free to use. I am no longer...
  10. otimpyre

    Minor Fixes for my Full Color Spell Icons 1.0

    Updates for a shard using these.
  11. Rex

    Colored Lights ColoredLights.4

    If you end up using these files I only ask that you please post screenshots of the lights in use. I'd like to see what you come up with. This set of scripts and files will let you add lights that are editable. Art.mul edits are required to make this work. You may use UOfiddler or your program...
  12. Valorian-Aeternum

    Isis UO-Graphics 2016-05-12

    You will find some nice art and gumps to add to your freeshard. Isis is not bringing something new, but also the old stuff is quite useful.
  13. Valorian-Aeternum

    Nyray's Graphics 2016-02-02

    Nyray is skilled in Ultima Online graphics and giving away a lot of nice artwork and gumps for free. Feel free to support her work.
  14. otimpyre

    Floating Island 2016-01-23

    Inspired from game called "Hartacon Tactics." This was my first attempt. I may expand on the project and add more variations and eye candy. Images included in this set Example of them in use.