1. Vrark

    Art Creating UO sprites with Daz Studio and Blender

    After I posted my ongoing sprite project (which can be found here) I was asked to do a tutorial on the whole process of getting models from Daz Studio into Blender, rendering them and finally placing them in Fiddler. Programs/scipts I am using for this: Daz studio - a program mostly used to...
  2. RedRooster

    Art Rooster's Arcade Game's 1.0

    Just a fun little mock up of some arcade games! Resource includes 50 pieces of art in total. ( 24 in each direction with 2 Bonus retro floor patterns! Also included is a txt file with associated tiledata and animdata! If you use any of the resources I've personally released please consider...
  3. Kevsurcu

    Art Royal Carriage by Kevsurcu 2022-12-19

  4. Kevsurcu

    Art New 3 Big Trees by Kevsurcu 2022-12-19

    More coming soon.
  5. Kevsurcu

    Art Ancient Chinese Boat (All Directions & Suitable for Scripting) 2022-12-17

    Don't forget to like and have fun. (This drawing costs $79 but is free exclusively to ServUO.) :) PSD's are not included in the file. It is a visual representation.
  6. Kevsurcu

    Art Ancient Chinese Cargo Ship 2022-12-17

  7. Kevsurcu

    Art 3 Chinese Boat 2022-12-16

  8. RedRooster

    Art Updated: Rooster / Drilikath's StarGate System

    Short video showcasing features in FAQ. Payment is for Art ONLY. Script comes free included in the zip file. Scripts are NOT guaranteed to work with every server version/type. ( Tested / Known to work on ServUO Version 0.5, Build 7236.23843 UPDATE: known to run on latest release ) All Sales...
  9. RedRooster

    Art Selling : Rooster's Hand Gun Animation

    Hand drawn Hand-Gun Animation for use in Ultima Online. Payment Method : PayPal - via Friends and Family ( 50.00$ USD ) Message me directly on Discord to purchase at : RedRooster#2475
  10. RedRooster

    Art Quest Markers 1.0

    Quick and easy addition. Put frames into art files. Create a new animation frame rate 3 pattern of 1,2,3,2.
  11. RedRooster

    Art Rooster's PH Chess Pieces 1.0

    Easy addition to any server. Make sure to flag as PH!
  12. Vrark

    Art Rendered sprites 2.1

    After a lot of trial and error, I finally figured out how to render 3D models from Daz Studio (and a few other ones from games etc.) and turn them into sprites for UO. This is a longer project that will probably take a long time to finish, as I have hundreds of sprites to render. Whenever I...
  13. RedRooster

    Art Ultima VII Art : Serpent Isle Tiles 1.0

    Ultima VII Part Two: Serpent Isle is a role-playing game created by ORIGIN, released in 1993 for MS-DOS. It is part of the Ultima series, and it's the sequel to Ultima VII Part One: The Black Gate. Someone asked me to recreate this art a few years ago. I recently redid the original art I made to...
  14. Cyrddin

    Art Wings 1.0

    These are the gump and item files for 8 different wings. There are a few of these rolling around but this i believe is the most complete files on servuo. Enjoy =) Should be noted I acquired these files from Allure of the Unknown long before it went down. I do not claim ownership to making these.
  15. Archaaz

    Art Animated Rainbow Sign 2021-10-30

    A random idea that actually worked...:). Both facings included.
  16. TheArt

    Art Art's Art set 2021-10-12

    All of my custom art packs that aren't animations are included in this pack including gump art. Enjoy There are custom gump art for clothing as well
  17. RedRooster

    Art Rooster's Glass Floor Tile 1.0

    Includes: 1 .bmp Tiledata : Tags : Background, No-Shoot, Translucent, Surface. Height:0
  18. RedRooster

    Art Rooster's Modular Windows 1.0

    This file contains 20 .bmps. There are 5 different window variations in total. 4 Frames for each variation ( 2-Frames, 2-Panes each ). I made the art modular so that the panes can be dyed independently from the frames giving everyone more options to customize things. Hope you guys enjoy...
  19. RedRooster

    Art Rooster's PH Azalea Bushes 1.0

    3 .BMP's Included all PH
  20. RedRooster

    Art Rooster's Hanging Plant Basket's w/PH Plant's! 1.0

    This package includes 13 .BMP's ( 4 PH Hanging Baskets, 6 Hanging Plant Baskets w/PH Flowers/Vines, 2 Regular Colored Vines, 1 Regular Empty Hanging Basket )