1. Erachiro

    Art UO:ME Middle Earth Content 1

    I take no credit in this artwork, this was artwork made for UO:ME. They open sourced their content once they got Filed for a legal Claim, if you want go to their website and see the rest of the Open Source Content you can go to their website UO:Mittelerde Downloads, They were a very heavy Middle...
  2. Erachiro

    Art Archive List Of Art Content Creators Old & New

    I am compiling an Archive List of Graphic Creators, encompassing both established and emerging talents, along with their respective websites. This initiative aims to facilitate easier browsing and discovery of new art. If you are a Graphic Creator and do not find your name listed, please reach...
  3. Art Woman Doll 2024-03-18

    I’m sharing the doll, maybe it will be useful for someone to improve it
  4. Rodan

    UO Art Files

    Hello all! I am wondering if anyone knows how to get ahold of UO Art, I am hoping for character animations and stuff like that. I plan to recreate the old flash game UODefender () to release for free as a fun thing to do. I was wondering if anyone could help me get some UO art. I am currently...
  5. MrRiots

    Art New Firepit 1

    New simple Firepit for UO. Use and edit as you wish.
  6. MrRiots

    Art [PAID] MrRiots - The Garden Set

    This is a PAID Resource, the cost is 60.00 USD If you wish to purchase this asset package please contact me on Discord or send me a direct message here with your Discord details and I will contact you. Payment via PayPal DiscordID: mrriots Package and contents: - 24 Greenhouse Pieces - 20...
  7. RedRooster

    Art Rooster's Gothic Style Windows ( PAID Resource 50$ USD )

    This is a PAID Resource. ( 50$ USD ) If you're interested in purchasing please contact me on discord ( Discord ID: _redrooster ) to set up payment via : PayPal Friends and Family. I own sole rights to all images contained within. By purchasing you agree not to publicly/privately sell or...
  8. RedRooster

    Art Rooster's Crystal Ball 1.0

    File Includes: 2 Animations On / Off and 1 BaseCloth 8 .BMP's in Total Also included is a .txt file which outlines recommended TileData / AnimData Please be sure to add me to Shard Credits List, and consider giving a reaction / review!! <3
  9. RedRooster

    Art Rooster's Creature Tank's 1.0

    File Includes: 8 Creature Variations and a simple stand in each direction. 42 .BMP's in Total ( 21 Each Direction ) Also included is a .txt file which outlines recommended TileData / AnimData Please be sure to add me to Shard Credits List, and consider giving a reaction / review!! <3
  10. Laoth

    Art Simple wooden crates 2023-09-26

    Hi there! I decided to follow my beloved Ems here. We have been drawing together for a few years on the same UO shard. Time really flies. I have been doing a pixel UO graphic for 12 years (damn, I feel old, lol) and thought it was time to leave my dark, solitary pixel cave and join your...
  11. ParanoiaPhD

    Art BULKUO - The ultimate tool for batching uo art! 1

    $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ Instructions for Using Bulkuo $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ Preliminary Notes ---------------------------------- Important: Do not rename the...
  12. MrRiots

    Art MrRiots - New UO Art 2023-08-11

    Just some random UO Art items, made out of other UO Art. Use as you please.
  13. Archin

    Art Bust Statues 2023-08-03

    I find the amount of statues in UO to be underwhelming, so I made some more bust statues using existing assets. These are slightly raised so if you lower by 1 z-level it should center on a surface.
  14. derekwsparks

    Paperdoll Border Graphic

    I am trying to replace the paperdoll border graphics to the ones attached below. They are the same ones the shard Grimmwold used before they shut down. I have UOFiddler, MULPatcher but am getting a little confused on the entire process of replacing the gumps and making the changes actually...
  15. RedRooster

    Art Rooster's PH Animated PC's W / Desk 1.0

    Just a little animated PC I dabbled with a bit. Pack includes 26 .BMPS ( 13 both directions ) Also included a .txt file which lists the recommended tiledata for each item.
  16. Vrark

    Art Creating UO sprites with Daz Studio and Blender

    After I posted my ongoing sprite project (which can be found here) I was asked to do a tutorial on the whole process of getting models from Daz Studio into Blender, rendering them and finally placing them in Fiddler. Programs/scipts I am using for this: Daz studio - a program mostly used to...
  17. RedRooster

    Art Rooster's Arcade Game's 1.0

    Just a fun little mock up of some arcade games! Resource includes 50 pieces of art in total. ( 24 in each direction with 2 Bonus retro floor patterns! Also included is a txt file with associated tiledata and animdata! If you use any of the resources I've personally released please consider...
  18. Kevsurcu

    Art Royal Carriage by Kevsurcu 2022-12-19

  19. Kevsurcu

    Art New 3 Big Trees by Kevsurcu 2022-12-19

    More coming soon.
  20. Kevsurcu

    Art Ancient Chinese Boat (All Directions & Suitable for Scripting) 2022-12-17

    Don't forget to like and have fun. (This drawing costs $79 but is free exclusively to ServUO.) :) PSD's are not included in the file. It is a visual representation.