BULKUO - The ultimate tool for batching uo art!

Art BULKUO - The ultimate tool for batching uo art! 1

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Instructions for Using Bulkuo

Preliminary Notes
Important: Do not rename the folders unless you're certain of what you're doing.
For an unparalleled batch art processing experience, consider using PhotoWorks PRO. It's the only software that meets my specific needs. Other programs fall short in comparison.

These instructions assume that you have 7-Zip installed at its default location: C:\Program Files\7-Zip\7z.exe.
The instructions also assume that you've placed the Bulkuo package in your C:\ drive.

Step-by-Step Guide
Initial Setup: First, inspect the freshfiles.7z included in the package as an example. Afterward, delete it and create your own freshfiles.7z containing your versions of artLegacyMul.uop, texmaps.mul, and texidx.mul.

Unpacking: Extract your 'freshfiles' to the bulkuo folder. Optionally you can set bulkuo.exe to hidden, making your files more organized.

Path Configuration: By default, the paths are configured for the C:\ drive. If you've placed the bulkuo package elsewhere, you'll need to update the paths in 3-[Zip and repeat].bat. For further assistance, join the ServUO Discord community for fast responses when u need help.

1. Run the first batch file, named "Extract," and let Bulkuo unpack all of the art into Folders 1 and 2.

2. You can edit the art files at this stage. Save land tile art to Folder 3 and texture art to Folder 4.
You don't need to replace all files. Replace only those you want, ensuring they are in Folders 3 or 4.
Advanced Workflow

3. The "zip and repeat" batch file is optional and streamlines your workflow. It minimizes errors and saves time.
Use the third batch file to package your customized UO files as a 7z archive and save them in the packages folder. This also allows you to optionally delete your custom art from folders 3 and 4 dramatically speading up workflow and preparing you for the next batch immediately.

Final Thoughts
I hope you find this tutorial helpful and that it enables you to batch all the UO art your heart desires!
All props to "punt" for creating this awesome program!

The user assumes all responsibility for any damages or legal consequences arising from the use of this software package. I am not liable for any issues you may encounter.
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