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Easter Quest 1.0

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This Quest was released on Runuo by Created by Deikiell 2006
I have just changed it up some with the gumps and also the rewards.

Have them to talk to Jack the easter bunny first-then
on to the Easter Child
Both of these can be placed in the same area

The Lazy Rabbit can spawn here Old Mining Camp 2651 547 0
East of the mining camp at Mt. Kendall
I have also added an Addon for an old mining camp building( you can change the location of this also
6 chocolate dust is needed to turn into Jack
these are stackable and must be to turn in.

*If you wish to change this area go into
the Easter Child Gump, this is where you will
find the location given.
Random Reward Item
Dyed Easter Egg
Easter Marshmellow Peep
Easter Stuffed Lamb
Large Chocolate Easter Bunny
Reeses Peanut Butter Egg
SS shows the Addon for the mining camp and also the rewards given( Jack the easter bunny is shown and the Easter Child
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