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Enchanted Picinic 2018-08-30

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I made the enchanted picnic from the summer give away on real uo. I made the addons with the addon generator. They are separate scripts for east and south (I tried to make it one script with a deed that you can pick direction, but I guess that is above my paygrade). I also tried to add the dbl klick to open the picnic basket gump from the addon but failed at that also.

If any of you guys want to do the stuff I couldn't figure out, this is a great place to start, probably.

Includes scripts for the hotdog, hamburger, bratwurst, and enchanted picinic basket.
On real uo, they gave these away from a bear statue at the Brit commons. I didn't do that either.

ETA- I also just realized I misspelled picnic.... I must have had yogi in my head and spelled it "picinic". Easy to change in the scripts if you want.
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