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Poisonous Swamp event stuff 1.0

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I made this event for my LOW population shard. It includes the pet slot deed from the servuo resources. As well as the poisonous swamp script and some of the stuff from Milva's halloween 2018 download. I give all the credit to the ones who made these scripts. All i did was make one mobile script and the shack addon with CEO's addon generator.

If you have any of the scripts I've included in here you will need to delete them or replace the ones you have with these. Duplicate scripts will cause errors.

NOTE: the pet slot deed will increase the users maximum followers up to 11 if the script is used as is. (you can easily edit the script to allow as many as you want)
For my shard (only around 12 players) players wind up hunting alone quite often so we all decided that having 2-5 slot pets and an ethereal would make some of the champs and stuff more doable.

After dropping this folder into your custom scripts all you need to do is place the swamp shack add-on into any swamp (swamps in all lands will now be poisonous to players on foot).

I put it in Ilshenar by the gypsy caravan south west of compassion. Through the cave opening and to the south is a swamp. (see screenshot)

Place 3 spawners in the shack right in the middle.
1. for Blackwater Hattie (spawn range 2 - home range 2)

the 2nd one i put 5 coils and 5 najasaurus spawn range 5 home range 5 (these are the strange green reptiles)

the 3rd one i put 10 alligators with home range 10 and spawn range 10.

Of course you can do anything you want with the spawners, there are no rules! ;)

Then I put a message on the town criers stating that a swamp witch had turned all the swamps in all lands poisonous and is said to drop pet slot deeds. (she also drops the swamp boots and a witches broom).

I have one player that is a disabled vet that plays a good 6 or 8 hours a day usually, and it took him about 3 days to get enough deeds to be maxed on one character. (adjust the drop rate in blackwaterhattie.cs if you want more or less drops)
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