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Epaulette Conversion Kit 2015-04-18

Allows you to alter robes and shrouds into Epaulette form

  1. Tasanar

    I created this kit a while back and wanted to share with the rest of you.

    Epaulettes were added in a while back to allow players to show off their armor while still wearing a robe. They look like shoulder pads and take up the OuterTorso slot.

    What this kit does -
    It allows you to alter robes and shrouds into Epaulette form.

    - It checks to make sure the item you wish to alter is BaseClothing, OuterLayer, and has not already been altered.

    What I am still working on - Trying to work it so it can also do Gargoyle form.

    - On real UO they do show up on your avatar in the world as well as your paperdoll. Here it will only show up on the paperdoll! Not a big deal but an FYI for any of you using my kit.
    example 2.png