Erad's Steeds & Pets (Version ServUO Pub57)

Erad's Steeds & Pets (Version ServUO Pub57) 1.1

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First off this was scripted based on the ServUO Pub57 Release and it should be able to be dropped right on i
*This does not add new animations, I have custom horse animations. Your horses will have the default body values.

I had an idea to revive something I created long ago back during runuo era. After seeing GMRasta's Ice Steed post, so I give credit to him for inspiring me to recreate this. This pack contains custom Ridables and pets, which I tend to update this pack over time.

What I currently have added are Male and Female Variants of horses which are known as Stallions and Mares

The Stallions - are higher in strength than the mares
The Mares - are higher in Intelligence than the stallions and they are overall better with their magery.

Each of these Stallions and Mares has 4 variety of bodies which they could possibly spawn in.
They also come in different color rarity as well

The Physical Stallion and Mare are just a stronger version of the classic horse with a chance to spawn in with a stunning black coat.

Most of these hues that are used should be in the original's game files
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