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Evo Mob and Armor 2013-12-08

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So there it is.
The evolution Mob. not special.
what is special here is the armor.
new coders. Alert!!!
the evo armor is simple to add to and make new,
the code is all in there for making leathers and irons.
the armor......
includes Html color in the name. there is a system by nokar that will do this via props level er number of props. however you can instead just add the html to items like rares.
Binds on equip to the player.
kinda like world of warcraft. you can sell them without equip but after its your one players armor. can only be salvaged after that.
comment it out for base item.
Evo armor effected on hit.
as the armor is hit or that part of the body registers damage.
it will gain up. inside the codes you can adjust how fast it gains. and,
that props appear.
the mobile.
and mob mostly balanced easy to change.
i use little stuff, however its best to adjust each add to fit your shard and its stats. ie so your players dont get one hit killed.
the script.
drag drop.
do what ya can with them. they are yours
jase giffin
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