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Fools Gold & similiar 1.0

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Many, many moons ago, someone made a lil script called Fools Gold. Just a simple pile of gold sitting on the ground. Try to pick it up & get shocked. Some years later I revamped it a little bit. Contains the original pile of gold coins, but also has a bank check, token pile & token check (for those that use tokens). All are set visible = false & moveable = false by default to aid in placement. Just type [add fools & select which you want to place, then set the amount for coins or worth for check. Then just change to visible = true & watch the greedy little buggers try to grab the free cash or tokens. I just tested it on a fairly new ServUO server & it still works with no mods needed. Tokens & token check hue can be changed to fit your server if you have yours a different color. Damage amounts can be changed as well. Currently does 20 to 55 dmg per attempt.
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