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Druid Spell System Ver. 2.0


  1. Hammerhand
    Druid spell system Ver. 2.0

    Just a set of 20 Druid spells with some Druids to fight, a few items to gain & a Druid vendor. Originally it had FertileDirt (labeled internally as FertileDirt1) as a reagent. I renamed that to FertileEarth so as not to confuse with the FertileDirt used for plants.You get an ArchDruid w/ a nifty Staff, Cloak & Druidic spellbook. An EvilDruidLord that drops the spellbook & cloak & an evil Druid that drops the cloak & most of the reagents. Might be a bit strong or weak for your server, so adjust accordingly. Both the ArchDruid & EvilDruid cast the SwarmOfFlies. Also contains 2 slightly different SleepingBody.cs for the Hibernation spell. One is in a folder named SleepingBody random timer (credit goes to Talow on that one as well as the new Druidic Spellbook gump). Sleeping bodys just randomly snore. The other (not in a folder) is set for OnMovement to trigger the snoring. And.. you can cause dragons, liches, horses & who knows what else to fall asleep with this spell. Nothing quite like a dragon laying on its side, mouth open & tongue hanging out... snoring (see pic). No idea who the original creator(s) were. This has spells from 2 different sets combined into one. Just left out the ones that were identical.

    ScreenHunter_210 Mar. 13 21.49.jpg

    The Spells

    Bark Skin: Turns the druid's skin to bark, increasing physical, poison and energy resistence while reducing fire resistence.

    Circle Of Thorns: Creates a ring of thorns preventing an enemy from moving.

    Deadly Spores: The enemy is afflicted by poisonous spores.

    Enchanted Grove: Causes a grove of magical trees to grow, hiding the player for a short time.

    Firefly: Summons a tiny firefly to light the Druid's path. The Firefly is a weak creature with little or no combat skills.

    Forest Kin: Summons from a list of woodland spirits that will fight for the druid and assist him in different ways.

    Grasping Roots: Summons roots from the ground to entangle a single target.

    Hibernate: Causes the target to go to sleep.

    Hollow Reed: Increases both the strength and the intelligence of the Druid.

    Hurricane: Calls forth a violent hurricane that damages any enemies within range.

    Lure Stone: Creates a magical stone that calls all nearby animals to it.

    Mana Spring: Creates a magical spring that restores mana to the druid and any party members within range.

    Mushroom Gateway: A magical circle of mushrooms opens, allowing the Druid to step through it to another location.

    Pack Of Beasts: Summons a pack of beasts to fight for the Druid. Spell length increases with skill.

    Restorative Soil: Saturates a patch of land with power, causing healing mud to seep through . The mud can restore the dead to life.

    Shield Of Earth: A quick-growing wall of foliage springs up at the bidding of the Druid.

    Spring Of Life: Creates a magical spring that heals the Druid and their party.

    Swarm Of Insects: Summons a swarm of insects that bite and sting the Druid's enemies.

    Treefellow: Summons a powerful woodland spirit to fight for the Druid.

    Volcanic Eruption: A blast of molten lava bursts from the ground, hitting every enemy nearby.
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