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Footprints. Annoy your fellow player. 2.5

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Annoy your fellow player!

On a Runuo 1.0 ML server about a year ago I saw this and figured it would be cool to re-create just out of boredum. A few on Discord said they liked it and asked me to post it here. So here you go. I will try to give explanations on how to use properly as I made it as Staff friendly as possible.


To start setup you will need to make this addition to PlayerMobile.CS
private bool m_FootPrintsOn;

        public bool FootPrintsOn
            get { return m_FootPrintsOn; }
            set { m_FootPrintsOn = value; }

Do not serialize or deserialize them as its better to just let the whole thing turn off and default back on restart.


You can set different things to change the functions. here are the properties you can change in game as well as using the base for another item.

PrintsName: String name shows under the actual "footprints" name to let someone know what set you made.

PrintCount: A count to set how many of the itemids that you put in. 0 Defaults as a barrel top. then 1 thru 5 lets you set how many to randomly throw out there behind the character.

PrintsHue: To set the hue of the footprints that follow if you wanted a diff hue for them.

PrintID1 through PrintID5: The The ITEMIDS of the items u want following them. Can choose up to 5 different ids.

That's about it. I hope you like this. I wrote this as a joke when I started it so the code could probably use a lot of love to make better, anyone want to chip in is appreciated. Enjoy annoying others!
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