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Plant Sprinklers Version 2.0

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This is a Plant Sprinkler system based off using Avelyn-Runuo's Plant Water Sprinkler.

Added all the potion sprinklers and changed the water sprinkler.
These now have uses (will say water remaining or potions remaining on them).
Removed the fill function as it was no longer needed.

-This is drag and drop to the scripts (or custom) folder.
-To use they must be locked down in the house.
-They hold 1000 uses. Do not break on empty just need to be refilled.
-Can be filled by either potions individually dropping on them or by dropping a keg with Potions in it (must be Greater For their respectful sprinkler). Will add the amount of potions in the keg to potions remaining and give back keg/potion in backpack.
-Should work with most aspects so if it needs 1 it will give 1, or if it needs 2 will give 2. I also added in for the potion parts if it needs 2 but has 1, will give 1.
-Changed the SprinklerContainer to now hold 100 uses on fill from water source for drag/drop onto the water sprinkler for filling it up.
-Should also work with friends/co-owners based off of security setting on the sprinkler (haven't fully tested but i think it works).

Possible things to do still:
-Allow it to take Kegs with uses more than uses remaining fill level (right now it just rejects it) DONE
-Give back kegs in proper hue that was dropped on (right now just gives back empty keg normal) DONE
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    Updated the script finally. Should now take kegs even if the keg holds more than it can contain...