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Fraz Lib Torch 2017-02-05

No permission to download
Drops in Scripts folder.
WARNING: If you are overly politically sensitive return to your 'SAFE-ZONE' immediately!

This feature just may save some lives.., if not, at least prevent a few boo-boo's.. by allowing people to role-play their protest fantasies!

To use type.. [LibTorch

No Democrats were harmed during the making of this feature.
However we have no control on what happens to their feelings if you implement it.. :p
Use at your own discretion, you absolve me of any and all liability by downloading and using this. I don't need angry liberals smashing up my garbage cans. Thank you.

Also a very simple, easy to follow way, to base a feature from.
I will be releasing several more, a bit more involved, in the near future.
(Not related to politics! LoL!)

I dedicate this feature to Enroq of RunUO.

Excuse me commie in the reviews, you can tell people what to think and do, just don't expect them to listen.
There couldn't possibly be a clearer disclaimer, now S.A.D.
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