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Gold Count Command 2016-03-15

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New banking system - i.e. no gold in banks
Command you can run to give you a count of gold owned by players, in the world and also to dump to a .txt file.
The text file will show gold in bank, gold on the player and total gold.
Because all gold is now account based, all players on the same account will have the same amount in the bank. This would be better if account based, but it does the job.
Access level is set to Owner.
Feel free to improve on this as you wish ! :)
(a snipit of the text file it makes)
Character Gold (bank pack total name)
5793238   0   5793238   Oblivion
871003   271   871274   Ova Crafter
121070   500   121570   dd
279725   2235   281960   Raistlin
5793238   0   5793238   KrystalGold
1   5000   5001   Ixxie
279725   0   279725   Riexilas
1   5000   5001   Genghis
2210582   1595   2212177   Addo

Total in banks: 1.727319E+08
Total in packs: 201750
Total player gold: 1.729337E+08

Total in world: 1608833

And Thanks for the help on this you guys!;)

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