1. Voxpire

    Module Global Trade

    Summary: Global Trade is a Vita-Nex: Core Module that provides a safe and easy means for players to buy and sell items on a market-place that is accessible to everyone! Features: Full featured interface for interacting with the global market. Simple tree-like navigation structure. Manage your...
  2. Jayce

    Auction System for small Player base Server 2017-03-25

    This is not my script I found it here It works in so far as compiling once i eliminated Treasure maps from the items it auto stocks on the auction. I place the items and spawn auctioneer and i can...
  3. Shazzy

    Gold Count Command 2016-03-15

    Command you can run to give you a count of gold owned by players, in the world and also to dump to a .txt file. The text file will show gold in bank, gold on the player and total gold. Because all gold is now account based, all players on the same account will have the same amount in the bank...
  4. Norman Lancaster

    AntiAFK Resource Gathering Protection 1.0.0

    DO NOT USE - HIGHLY UNSTABLE The issues were never fully resolved as the players also hatted the system. Function Every time a player attempts to gather a resource or get or use a BOD, there is a 1/1000 chance that a captcha gump will appear to test if they are AFK or not. This will occur a...