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GorSociety 1.1

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Added XML Block Item, Blocks usage of weapons to females

Added XML Block Equip, Blocks females from quiping weapons,
dagger knife and cleaver allowed

Added block on all scrolls and magic books, magic cannot be used.

Updated Slave Gump

Added Slavemovement.cs
Added Slavegoad.cs
Updated GorControlSys.cs
Added SlaveLoginTask.cs

Added Creatures (initial plan is to create an entire replacement for creatures)

As always remember this isn't completed yet. For those familiar with the fandom please feel free to make suggestions of things you want to see, i have a laundry list already but let me know if something comes up.

My favorite thing so far is the slavegoad, i plan on adding a power level to it, even a tarn goad.

Not meant for a live server yet