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GorSociety - Gorean Experience Brought to Ultima Online


This is a relaunch of my GorSociety System. This was originally built on the XML Spawner system, I've taken what I learned with rebuilding the Spawner system and brought it to life again. I have also added an in-game control panel as well as fixed a lot of the code. This project is going to be my priority and to bring the best parts of Gor into Ultima. There is no unique artwork and no Unique clients...

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A few updates to push

Added XML Block Item, Blocks usage of weapons to females

Added XML Block Equip, Blocks females from quiping weapons,
dagger knife and cleaver allowed

Added block on all scrolls and magic books, magic cannot be used.

Updated Slave Gump

Added Slavemovement.cs
Added Slavegoad.cs
Updated GorControlSys.cs
Added SlaveLoginTask.cs

Added Creatures (initial plan is to create an entire replacement for creatures)

As always remember this isn't completed yet. For those familiar with the fandom...

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