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GorSociety 1.1

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This is a relaunch of my GorSociety System. This was originally built on the XML Spawner system, I've taken what I learned with rebuilding the Spawner system as an independent attachment and brought it to life again. I have also added an in-game control panel as well as fixed a lot of the code. This project is going to be my priority and to bring the best parts of Gor into Ultima. There is no unique artwork and no Unique clients, this is meant to be dropped and play into any modern Ultima Online Client and ServUO distribution.


This system is meant to emulate as best as possible the aspects of the Gorean Novels by John Norman, which this would be considered a fandom project. Concepts and ideas are within this project may not be for you if you are sensitive to male dominance. Please do not explore this project if you feel that you may be offended by those concepts are anything that is in relation to BDSM. By downloading this file you acknowledge that concepts and themes in this system may not be for you and if you do not like it it's in your best interest to delete it. This system is not meant to offend any person of any gender or religion, it is pure fantasy and pure role play. This is not intended to support or intice 'lifers' of the fandom.


Slave Control PanelAllows the 'Master' to look at the list of slaves and invoke controls upon their toons. This includes renaming the slave, kicking them off a mount, summoning them to your location no matter where you are at, being able to control their backpacks and their paper doll without an issue.
Caste SystemCurrently developing a caste system to play along side current Ultima Online skills. To provide boost and to further elaborate on their talents and abilities. This system is not fully included in this release as a lot of code is still lacking.
Basic equipmentSome generic starter equipment for the slaves. Including a non-removable Colar, as long as the slave is owned.
Role Selection TokenAll players come into the world as generic players, it's advised for the time being to force all players to a set location that is closed off and to use the role token so they can pick what they want to be. Gender matters! Females cannot be masters and masters cannot be Kajira! Common is a choice as well, which is the generic citizen of Gor.

There are more planned features that I have not disclosed yet, and there will be a lot of unique concepts and unique ways of handling toons within Ultima Online.

The setup instructions are included, will compile without them however you will want to use them to allow the complete usage of the system.

References Web Site for Gor.

INSTALL NOTE HERE!: If you have the Level System Extreme installed on your server, then before you try this you need to delete the Core - Expansions\LevelSystemAttachExt folder as it will say the expansion already exist.

Once everything is set up, the command [gorcontrol will bring up the control panel, the command [slave will bring up a player's list of slaves. You need to use the slave whip on a female character to add them to the master's list. Once this is done, the [slave command will show the female toons information and have options. For now, the slave command does work for females, it does nothing for them, and it will be adjusted once I finish the new Gump.

Sorry for the odd instructions, still getting organized.

Important Note! This May NOT work on the newest distro of servuo. Honestly keeping up with the changes is bleh, so for now this is the last known distro this HAS been confirmed to work on.
This obviously will not contain the newest changes from, so if something is missing or out of place that is on you.
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