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Level System Extreme 1.7

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Level System Extreme!
Welcome to the Level System Extreme, this is the redesigned system that has undergone many evolutions over time and has come to where it is at now. When I first started creating and evolving a level system, it was simply because a decent supported version didn't exist. Sure there was plenty of half-put together systems still in existence however it was obvious to players these were not meant for production. So with that, I took the best one I could find that wasn't actively being maintained, which was the Level 3 System. When I first started with it, the serialization in the Playermobile was not ideal, upgrading anything without doing case jumps in serialization just created clutter. So I took it to the next level and moved everything to XML Attachments. This was a huge step and opened up a lot of potentials and I took it far. Now once again evolution had to happen, especially if I wanted the system to use the latest distro of ServUo. The XML Attachment system was left behind when the new redesigned ServUo came about, I started getting messages of 'why is this not working' and finally noticed a post. It took only a week or so before I went to work, migrating all the code into a newer direction. Instead of using attachments, I went old school and used an Item in players and CREATURES backpacks. These items hold the information now and are protected by the system assuming the coder makes the needed changes. So that is the backstory leading up to now.

I will only list the general category of features, not everything within each category. Even though there are likely more distro edits thanks to the new direction, I still maintain most of the system will be configurable via the configuration files and will compile on its own without any distro edits. Features as before will not work until certain distro edits are made.

Only Bonded Pets will retain their information when they die since they will become a ghost. If the pet isn't bonded and they die, the orb is gone.

Generally, all features are set to false except for the core level system.

Current Features
  • Player Level System
  • Pet Level System
  • Specialty Items
  • Dynamic Equipment Level Requirement
  • Vendor Discounts By Level
  • Exp from Skills
  • Exp from Bods.
  • Pet Special Attacks
  • Bonus Stats from Pets (part of special attacks)
  • Mount Level Requirement
Features that still need to be migrated or added
  • LevelMercs - Bond/Level/ Dress them, will get their own gump and matrics for battle.
  • Bonus Stats for players under X level
  • Level System Expansion into Equipment
  • Faction System that Gains Levels and upon doing so may provide its members a bonus or boost to something.
There are still a lot of small features from the old XML system that have not been migrated and will be coming soon. For now, this is what I have and is ready to be used. Upgrading the system as I push out changes shouldn't be too bad, since I generally outline what's been changed and how to generally merge the changes. If anyone has any problems please post in the discussion thread. Please ensure when posting issues if you can try to include the following information.

  1. What version of ServUO are you using?
  2. When did you last Download the version of Level System Extreme?
  3. What action did the character do to lead up to the crash?
  4. Are you familiar with debugging? If so please provide a debugged view of the crash log.
  5. Have you made any changes to the script that is throwing the error? if so what changes.

The instructions for what changes to make are in a text file in the download, please use that to move things along. As I come closer to a final build that will start just getting bug patches and feature add-ins I will post the instructions below. As for the name change, I did this to make sure this is not confused with the other level system, though it's kind of cheesy that goes with who I am.

On one last note, the system automatically adds in the needed items to new players backpacks.

Thank you guys for all the Support!

If there is a desired feature, please post a comment!
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