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Level System Extreme 1.5

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- Added Script CreatureDeathEventExt.cs - Talks to Level system without distro edits and now preserves level orb on pet death.
- Updated SetupInstructions to reflect CreatureDeathEventExt changes
- Updated Titles.cs instructions and modified , missing null check for playermobile.
- Updated LevelHandler.cs for exp skill gain issues.
- Updated SetupInstructions to reflect the skillcheck.cs edits, dialing 4 to 1 edit needed.
- updated FeatureHandlerExt.cs to remove a duplicate line and put in the correct code.
- Updated ConfiguredSkillsEXP.cs - Cosmetics mainly.
- Added Example Pack Creatures with the commented out 'CreatureDeathEvent' .

- Removed the distro edit for basecreature . level system now talks without distro edits.
- Removed the distro edit for basecreature . deathmoveresult - this does not fix pack animals.

You will need to remove distro edits for basecreature if you download this over existing folder.