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Reverse Level System 1.0 Alpha

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Reverse Level System

Getting my feet/hands back in the game, so to speak I needed to start with some random stuff. Of the few projects I started, this one I found to have some interesting utility. This gives players Levels based on stats, skills. The more stats or skills the player has, the higher the level. The catch is, the system relies on using a armor piece, earrings. For now this is what is used and some upcoming changes may make that a little more flexible. For now, a GM needs to add these to a player, as they are spawned not being movable, it suggested that a GM spawns the earrings , makes them movable, places them on the toon and makes them not movable again. This is only the alpha release of this, and Is not ready for any production shards.

The earrings will have their stat bonuses modified actively, no changes will actually happen to the toon. Delete the earring and everything is gone. The current statbonus cap for the earring is 1000 per stat. Yes this is OP if someone actually made it that high, so a staggered growth system is in place. Also upon equipping the earring the toons skillcap will be set to 7000. Double clicking on the earring will let the user prioritize one bonus stat at a time they would prefer to grow.

Please read the script code a little bit to understand how it works before asking the obvious questions.
I'm hoping to get some feedback on this, ideas to move forward with, and such.

To make the 'level' more of a cosmetic thing than actual power I felt was a unique approach, so I wanted to see how that went, and this is what i have so far.

I have a slew of abilities I had considered offering as rewards to X levels, but that is something in the near future.

For each enemy the player kills, they will have a slight chance for a gain, the higher the level though, the slower the gain. At the time the player can only see their level by hovering their mouse over the earrings.

I SAY AGAIN, NOT FOR PRODUCTION SHARDS! This is something to play with. Review the readme file for two distro edits to make.
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