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Personal Ability Stone 1.0 Alpha

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Personal Ability Stone

This stone once double-clicked on will randomly assign an ability to the user. These stones cannot be dropped or sold, once assigned there is no way to change it. (a gm can change it). The ability that gets chosen is randomized, some abilities are overpowered, while some are just... Why?! . The idea that I'm going for is to have enough abilities so the chance of two players getting the same thing is very unlikely, right now I do not have enough abilities programmed to achieve that goal. (yet).

This is in alpha stages, however, it could be used on a production shard. Currently, there is no toggle to turn on or off auto-login on the control Gump (that will come later), so the admin will need to prop the control item and turn on auto-login manually so the stone is added to players' packs. Of course, a gm can add the item manually to a player's back, either way, is fine.

If you decide to modify the abilities, I suggest really reading the code and understanding what the switches are too, one switch will decide if double-clicking gives a target or uses a passive ability (active ability).

This has a lot of potential and I wanted to get something out there to play with while I continue to develop. Hope you all enjoy it. By the way, my favorite ability is the storage pack. :-D

The one distro edit is in Snooping.cs , this is in case a server doesn't want players to be able to steal from the ability pack.

'SetupInstructions.txt'. has the distro edit information.
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