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HairGrowth with FacialHairGrowth 2014-07-10

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Here is a script that will grow hair & facial hair & cycle the hair id's,
I have it set for 10 Seconds to show what it will look like but you can change it to what ever time you want on "line 29"
I did not take human/elf into account so humans will end up with elf hair too and elf's with humans, gargoyles doesn't seem effected by it and females does not grow facial hair.

The hairbrush from Liacs barber shop script on runuo goes good with this script to brush your hair as it grows.

I have did testing with this and it seems to run good but if something does come up I will try to fix it.

*Runuo's Liacs for the Hairbrush script I got the switching id code from
*m309 for telling me about the timer
*zerodowned & Enroq for helping with crash issues I got when I first tried to script this
*Got the idea from this from old sphere sever yearsss ago couldn't find one for runuo/servuo so here it is
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