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Harvest system for regs and crops 0.6 for servuo pub 54+ 2015-02-08

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publish 54 +
Hello Servuo.
First portion info on this is it can and will be largely extended.
however its not yet.
So here is a handy resource for those of you wanting a more in depth gathering scenario.
what this system adds.
Seeds for reagents and general plants.
A small garden placed by a player. currently this is the only option.
There is however a section for number allowed.
This can be found on line 131 in GardenDeed.cs
This system recognizes dirt tiles. tile used in the fields of britain and haven and the like.
It converts fields to allow planting and harvesting by both players and gms from fields.
However the system was built to allow another player to uproot the resource by harvesting.
Included are two items gathered by secondary means. more realisticly if you will.
Spider silk is a clickable item that you can set on xml spawner or drop.
Say adding the spider silk to spider dungeons.
The second item is a shellfish
shell fish can be fished out of the sea.
To add this portion go to [scripts/services/harvest/fishing.cs
On line 101 of publish 54 fishing.cs you will see this.

new BonusHarvestResource(0, 99.4, null, null), //set to same chance as mining ml gems

ADD right under this.

new BonusHarvestResource( 25, 19.4, "You pull out some shellfish", typeof( ShellFish ) ),

This will allow your players to fish out shellfish that when clicked will give black pearls. Why not right.
anyway. for your enjoyment. ladies and gentlemen.
the harvest system.

This system pairs with a hunger mod.
However it dont like the endless decanter yet so.:confused:
It also pairs with a cooking mod.

Credits for these scripts is left in the original work. I would ask you to leave it as it is. Or add your self to their list. It was a gift from a good friend. He would be happy to see it extended. :D
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