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Harvestable Drugs 2014-05-29


  1. billy
    i dont take credit for this system the only thing i deserve is that i found this and i edit couple errors to convert over to servuo requirements. :)
    but i do need some people to test it and i would like to edit much more just need ideas and bug reports :) i hope you guys enjoy the laughter as much as i did



    • Grow Plants That Yield Drugs: Seed > Seedling > Crop > Resources
    • Use The Drug Resources And Get High Using A Variety Of Tools
    • The Ability To Create Joints Using Rolling Paper And Marijuana
    • Drug Dealers That Will Buy Your Wares And Sell Them For A Profit
      • These Guys Are Attackable
      • These Guys Will Say Random Phrases!
      • You Can Dismember Them
      • They Carry 5000+ Gold, A Bong, And Seeds
      • They Sell All Drug Resources
      • They Sell The Tools To Use Drugs
    • System Is Specifically Designed For Use On A Role-Playing Server