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Lava Region 2018-07-27

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Edits made to Regions.xml (for testing purposes)
Okay, so no this doesn't allow players to walk on lava like what you'd expect from a lot of other rpgs. However if you're like me and have played loads of games and watched movies featuring protagonists in your typical lethal lava land setting who managed to remain inches away from the molten stuff without bursting into flames (or choke to death due to the sulfurous vapors) and are a little annoyed by this trope constantly being played out, then this script might be for you.

That's right, after some decent amounts of research I was able to learn that yes lava is extremely hot to the point that apparently according to the internet (last time I checked), Star Wars Episode 3 and Super Mario 64 are considered the closest fictionalized (visual) media ever got to realistically showing how it affects anyone who either falls into it, or if they're right next to it.

Installation Instructions:
Go into Regions.xml in your Data folder and add the following if you want a sample of this being put into effect:

<region priority="100" name="Central Ilshenar Landscape">
<rect x="909" y="404" width="97" height="170" />
<rect x="879" y="468" width="42" height="24" />
<rect x="852" y="514" width="37" height="21" />
<rect x="935" y="598" width="67" height="97" />
<rect x="928" y="705" width="85" height="120" />
<rect x="822" y="744" width="93" height="81" />
<rect x="1017" y="436" width="126" height="172" />
<rect x="1020" y="725" width="159" height="61" />
<rect x="1125" y="623" width="52" height="93" />
<rect x="1028" y="401" width="37" height="28" />
<music name="GreatEarthSerpents" />
<region type="LavaRegion" name="Lava">
<rect x="858" y="738" width="31" height="37" />
<rect x="857" y="761" width="16" height="19" />
<rect x="878" y="785" width="32" height="22" />
<rect x="883" y="757" width="28" height="17" />
<rect x="981" y="788" width="18" height="22" />
<rect x="933" y="514" width="29" height="12" />
<rect x="956" y="507" width="15" height="15" />
<rect x="969" y="477" width="19" height="24" />
<rect x="861" y="496" width="23" height="28" />

Technically its not needed if you're using a custom map, but I decided to add this for those who wanna quickly test out this region in case they bother implementing this into their own servers.
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