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Level System 3 - Rerelease 2.5

Levels XML

  1. Feature Update

    - Added Equipment level examples, sword and armor.

    - Updated configure.cs with Discount option, required distro edit

    - Updated readme file with instructions for discount in BaseVendor.cs

    - Created Level Vendors up to Level 250
    - The user will need to go into each vendor file and modify the buy list to meet their shards needs. Sell list left incomplete on purpose.

    - Updated Folder Tree in Zip File
    - Added Easier Toggle to Turn off EXP for killing creatures. This would allow other...
  2. Katana Update

    Removed invalid code from katana
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  3. Update to levelgate

    Noticed that level gate was looking for a specific level only, not a level or greater option. This has been fixed. Also added an example item for adding levels to equipment.
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  4. MountCheck.cs broken

    I Added more mounts however forgot to adjust some variables. should be okay now with the new mountcheck file.
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  5. Feature Add

    - Low Level Bonus
    - ExpCoin (also command based)
    Last update for a little time, next few features will require a bit more time.
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  6. Added Configuration Options

    Expanded the configuration options further for the levelhandler.
    ConfiguredSkills.cs now contains additional controls to choose how many skill points or stat points that can be provided per level range.
  7. Feature Request, Skill Mechanics

    Feature Request from decker86. Added the option in the configuration file to disable the skill gain mechanics in game, so only leveling up provides any means to skill and stat gains.

    Distro Edit to SkillCheck.cs is required for this feature to work.

    Updated the Readme to reflect the change as well and updated the main overview page.
  8. Updated File with new Features

    Oddly enough the previous file did not go up/
  9. Added Features

    - Added Levelgate - Just Place gate, [props it and adjust the required level to use it as well as it's destination.

    - Added more controls to the playergumpwindow and activated the imbue/throwing skills. Toggles added to configuration.cs file.
  10. Cleaned up Code

    Little house keeping on some of the code.