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Level System 3 - Rerelease 4.2

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Forgot to include the updated LevelHandler.cs in the core folder to address a previously fixed bug.
- Fixed Titles again
- Added Level Sheet
- Fixed Creatures Levels - Eventually would have crashed the server
- Fixed Vendor / NPC levels - Eventually would have crashed the server
- Fixed Titles (working based on how I think it should work, forgot what it actually looked like back in the day)

- Included a Distro titles.cs copy just in case someone needs it. Merge, not replace.

- Fixed Skill Coin and added a control option for it in configuration

- Added a configuration control for attach on login.
Thank you eugenesa for pointing out the bug for me.

Issue: When basecreature killed another basecreature/mobile/playermobile it tried locating the attachment to add the gained EXP, however it was looking at the basecreature for the attachment instead of the playermobile.
Updated Wrong File. Correction again to PlayerGump
Updated PlayerlevelGump to show correct skill names.
Included more preferred version of ExpTables