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Lockpicking mini-game v0.1

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This is a first pitch to gather opinions and ideas.

Custom script and gumps to handle the lockpicking differently. It opens a gump with a total of 10 lock parts to chose from. In order to unlock a lock, the player must find the correct lock order. Depending on the player's skill level, the number of locks to choose from ranges from all 10 to 3 (modifiable).

The gumps are from Oblivion's lockpicking system.

To-do / future:
  • Make a better looking gump.
  • Balance and finetune the difficulty curve to better reflect initial chances to open a lock.
  • Modify the way lockpick consumption works so a player with very high skills doesn't break so many.
  • Add sound effects for a better the immersion.

How to install:
  1. Download the package.
  2. Insert the "LockpickingGump.cs" script into your project.
  3. Call the "LockpickingGump" from the "LockPick.cs" file (see below).
  4. Optional: Modify your gumparts with the included bitmaps.
  5. Optional: Modify the constants to your liking. You may also use existing gumps for a less immersive mini-game using existing buttons ID.
protected override void OnTarget(Mobile from, object targeted)
    if (m_Item.Deleted)

    if (targeted is ILockpickable)
        from.SendGump(new LockpickingGump((PlayerMobile)from, (ILockpickable) targeted, m_Item));
        //m_Item.BeginLockpick(from, (ILockpickable)targeted);
        from.SendLocalizedMessage(501666); // You can't unlock that!

I only ask that if you use this script and modify the gumps or improve its function, you share with us so we can build upon it together.

Thank you!
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Latest Updates

  1. Cleaned the code, added sound effects and a delay when checking the combination.

    Cleaned the code and renamed some variables. Added the following: 25% chance of a broken...