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Lockpicking mini-game - Lockpicking mini-game with custom a gump to make the lockpicking experience more engaging

This is a first pitch to gather opinions and ideas.

Custom script and gumps to handle the lockpicking differently. It opens a gump with a total of 10 lock parts to chose from. In order to unlock a lock, the player must find the correct lock order. Depending on the player's skill level, the number of locks to choose from ranges from all 10 to 3 (modifiable).

The gumps are from Oblivion's lockpicking system.

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To-do / future:
  • Make a better...

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Cleaned the code, added sound effects and a delay with checking the combination.

Cleaned the code and renamed some variables.
Added sound effects for:
  • 25% chance of a broken lockpick.
  • Randomized metal sound (a bit aggressive, couldn't find better for now) with picking.
  • Lockpick sound when a combination is completed .
  • 500 ms delay before refreshing the gump after a combination check to allow the view of all lifted pins.

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I don't plan to, but you would only need to change the IDs of the up and down pins as well as the height and width constants.

If you know which gump you would like to have instead, tell me and I'll see. From what I've seen OSI doesn't have anything that fits.
This one looks much better! How is the mechanic working exactly? The gumps are nice too!