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Login Announcements Gump 1.2

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Plug -n- Play
Just drop this into your customs folder.
Then when you login, you should see something like this...except it'll probably be "There are no announcements" . That just means that the data file hasn't been created yet. If the file is present but empty, it'll say " NEWS at this time...".
You can skip ahead and create the Announcements.txt file and throw a few announcements in to get it running right away.
Announcement Gump.jpg

The benefit of this particular gump is that you can edit the thing on-the-fly and any changes you make will be seen on the next login.
It creates a .txt file in the data folder which can either be edited directly or you can place the announcement board somewhere.
When players use the board, the same login gump will popup again....for those who don't stop to read important announcements.
When GM's use the board, they get this:
Announcement Edit.jpg

A very plain looking gump.
Add takes whatever text is in the box and adds it to the end of the array.
Delete removes the current announcement
Previous goes to the previous record (stopping at the first one)
Next goes to the next record (stopping at the last one)
Preview pulls up the At Login gump
Okay updates the current record to what's in the box
Cancel....cancels the edit...
And there's a couple numbers between the Delete and Previous. That's which record you're on and out of how many.

Again, I'll support this if anyone needs it. Suggestions welcome. I'm always learning new tricks when I code. I don't need credit but don't claim it as your own.
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