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Mechanical Pet Crafting - Pet Crafting, Tinkering Skill 1.0

Pet Crafting

  1. Milva
    Just reposting lost scripts :)

    This is a stand alone tinkering crafting
    Mechanical Pet Crafting
    **Tinkering Skill is needed**
    This will create a Statue in their pack- owner will need to click the statue
    which will then release the pet, Tinkers can sell this statue
    Items needed for Tinker to create this pet
    Iron Ingots
    Clockwork Assembly
    Power Crystal
    This contains:
    Hue = Utility.RandomList ( 2878, 2842, 2956 );(this can be changed)
    Taming skill is still needed to control the pets.
    Be sure to check stats to suit your server